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  1. Rakit on a remix

    23 September 2011 | Release

    Click the Image below and head to our Facebook to preview the Rakit’s remix of the Quick and the Dead – Get Scared:

  2. Q1 Mini Mix

    4 February 2011 | Release

    Just uploaded a mini mix of the forthcoming releases, Take the time to have a listen and comment if you like!

  3. Haggard prehistoric bastards! (Muse Dubstep remix)

    19 December 2010 | tracks

    So the music industry is in a bad shape in some areas, due some what to the haggard prehistoric focus the major labels had on their company models. Fearing the digital medium for a good few years and allowing themselves to take the back seat. they watched the industry dissolve while thinking they could control ...


  4. Remember this?

    16 October 2010 | tracks

    We’ve been getting a lot of requests for a 320kps.. so we thought we’d finally oblige! Download your favourite Liquid remix on the Soundcloud player above!

  5. Julian Velard – Hyperballad (Herbdout’s liquid mix)

    16 April 2010 | tracks

    Herbdout has been working on this little project and asked to show you guys, We’re really excited because being big fans of Bjork and not shy to Julian Velards talent, we’re thinking Herbdout has remixed the track tastefully… introducing Herbdout’s little Liquid mix: What do you guys think? This track is a remix of Julian ...