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  1. Rakit on a remix

    23 September 2011 | Release

    Click the Image below and head to our Facebook to preview the Rakit’s remix of the Quick and the Dead – Get Scared:

  2. Audio Squid

    14 April 2011 | Events
    Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 21.27.04

    I headed to Hitchin last weekend, friends of ours Audio Squid hosted their launch party at Suffoca, synced with the classic

  3. Q1 Mini Mix

    4 February 2011 | Release

    Just uploaded a mini mix of the forthcoming releases, Take the time to have a listen and comment if you like!

  4. Haggard prehistoric bastards! (Muse Dubstep remix)

    19 December 2010 | tracks

    So the music industry is in a bad shape in some areas, due some what to the haggard prehistoric focus the major labels had on their company models. Fearing the digital medium for a good few years and allowing themselves to take the back seat. they watched the industry dissolve while thinking they could control ...