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  1. Rakit on a remix

    23 September 2011 | Release

    Click the Image below and head to our Facebook to preview the Rakit’s remix of the Quick and the Dead – Get Scared:

  2. Disonata – Alpha & The Omega 002

    8 February 2011 | Release
    Disonata - Alpha & The Omega 002

    It’s here, our second release in 2011. Are you ready for the heavy passed sonic blast portrayed in Alpha & the Omega, Keeping the momentum going you’re, greeted with Bazooko’s Circus resonating syncopated snares that sit tightly under the double timed glassy synth, big sounds coming from this producer and this is just his introduction! ...


  3. Q1 Mini Mix

    4 February 2011 | Release

    Just uploaded a mini mix of the forthcoming releases, Take the time to have a listen and comment if you like!

  4. Prince Cobra – Food Market 001

    9 January 2011 | Release, tracks

    Happy New Year folks, I hope you ‘all as psyched for this year as we are! Welcome Prince Cobra , we’re proud to have you mark the first release on OurDubs. A great beginning to 2011, Prince Cobra has blended together a few of his classic and offbeat synthesisers, in the mass collection that grace ...